Baking up Magic on FOX10 Elevate the Cake / Crème Brûlée base recipe #12

 Samy and I  had a great time on Sunday's episode of FOX10 AZAM with Anita Roman and Ty Brennan.




We spoke about  my new Cook Book "Baking with Amy" where I  introduce you to 20 Base Recipes that can be Elevated and Morphed into thousands of different desserts. 

The sky is the limit! 

Let your imagination take you on a delicious Culinary Adventure.

Base Recipe #12 Crème Brûlée

Crème Brûlée  is perfect all on its own with fresh berries after being dusted with vanilla-bean sugar and then slightly torched with fire using a small handheld blowtorch to create a thin crisp shell of caramelized sugar.







It’s also perfect as a base recipe for ice cream. Simply pour the chilled crème brûlée mixture into an ice-cream machine and churn until thickened. You can spin thin ribbons of Base #1: Caramel Sauce into the ice cream after it has thickened.

Once baked and cooled overnight this crème brûlée base may also be used as a filling for a cake.


Like "The Great Crepe Cake"








or a delicious fruit tart.





chocolate banana crème brûlée tart





Watch just  how easy it is to make these beautiful crème brûlée desserts



  • The desserts on this site look divine. I would like to enjoy each and every sumptuous one! I agree with what you said that you had a gift for doing this, that’s absolutely true and obvious.

    I saw the show of course, Ramsay is always a horse’s ass to everybody, you two were the first to not bow down to him and stick up for what’s right. That was the start of the nonsense.

    Ten years same place, you should be very proud.

    About the cats, there are jerks out there who try to mock. But all real animal lovers know your behaviour and feelings towards them is very normal and common and loving. Because you have beautiful heart & soul.

    Davis Imperatore

  • OMG I wish I was here those Lemon tarts look so so gooood. New Zealand just a little to far away.

    Jessie Jones

  • I love your food and cakes ! Keep up the good work.


  • I have eaten at your establishment before.
    Your food is too upscale for Arizona.
    You belong in New York or Miami.


  • Very creative and very pretty desserts Amy. BWT I thought you got a very hard time on Kitchen Nightmares. I did not see a problem with you at all .

    If I didn’t live in Britain I would be a regular visitor, those jam doughnuts look incredible


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