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Welcome to
Amy’s Baking Compan
We are “Lightening Up!”
                                                                We are excited to introduce our new Menu!
After noticing the dietary changes, and special request from our customers  we have decide to make a very exciting and drastic business decision!
We have replaced our old Menu
With a new Menu that is  light, healthy & affordable. 



*Amy’s Signature ~ Homemade Soup of the day ~$7~

Please ask for our daily selections.










Our homemade Soup  is available for pick up served in  easily reheated containers



We offer two soups of the day.  One is 100% vegetarian!

Our soup is served with a freshly baked challah roll with butter.






**Gluten free option: Amy’s Gluten Free Quinoa Parmesan Sesame cracker.

(please notify your server when ordering)











Extra challah roll with butter 1.50~ Extra Gluten free crackers ~$1.50~




















* Avocado with olive oil, green onion, lemon, sea salt & pepper ~$3.50~




* Baby Heirloom Tomatoes with white onions and olives ~$3.50~






*Amy’s Signature ~

Herb Flat Bread~$5~

Homemade Lemon Garlic Hummus ~$5~








  Artichoke dip ~$5.00

Cream cheese, jalapeno, artichoke hearts & parmesan cheese



*Amy’s Signature ~ Roasted Veggie & Black olive Tapenade ~$5~


*As a gluten free option we offer fresh vegetables in place of bread. Please advise your server.

















Egg Salad ~$10~

** Perfectly boiled eggs, mayo, mustard, capers, fresh pickles, parsley,

fresh cracked black pepper, sea salt, pickled red onion served on crisp butter lettuce cup.

*Extra “Lox” smoked salmon ~$4~







**If you would like to see an instructional video of Amy making the perfect boiled egg,

please visit us on Instagram  @ AMYSBAKINGCOMPANY

Let us entertain you while we prepare your meal!





Waldorf salad ~$10~

Apples, sweet pears, dried cranberries, shaved celery root, candied pecans,

tossed in a light yogurt mayo sauce with sea salt, served on tender crisp butter lettuce cups.






Apple~Kale~ Baby Arugula~ Heirloom Beet ~$10~

Fresh peppery baby Arugula, baby kale, sweet & spicy toasted pumpkin seeds, shaved fennel,

sweet honey crisp apples, heirloom pickled beets, fresh goat cheese, beet balsamic reduction.

Extra avocado ~$2.50~









Pear Salad ~$10~

Organic mixed greens~ baby Arugula~sweet pears~honey crisp apples~dried cranberries~ homemade candied

pecans with Amy’s signature honey citrus dressing balsamic reduction






Sweet & Spicy Asian Peanut Salad ~$10~

(I couldn’t hold back) WARNING! This dish is addictive!!

Shredded carrots, shredded purple cabbage, baby arugula & kale, sugar snap peas, sweet

 peppers, toasted sesame seeds, fresh mint, green onions, homemade sweet and salty toasted

peanuts and cilantro served with

Amy’s signature and addictive homemade thick and spicy peanut sauce.

Sautéed chicken breast ~$5.00~


Albacore Tuna Pasta Salad ~$10~

Dolphin safe Albacore tuna, mayo, mustard, green onions, boiled egg,

homemade pickles, tossed with small pasta noodles in a light and creamy herbed flavored

mayonnaise. Served on tender crisp butter lettuce & micro greens.

**This salad is available with Gluten Free pasta.  Please advise us upon ordering.






Super food ~Tri Colored Quinoa ~$10~

Flavor infused Quinoa, edamame, poached radish, green onions, sprouted sprouts,

on fresh arugula served with

Amy’s signature lemon garlic olive oil sauce


   Healthy Quinoa  Salad Bowls~


Super food ~Tri Colored Quinoa with Beets ~$10~

Flavor infused Quinoa, thick yogurt, dates, dried golden raisins, green onions,

Baby arugula, toasted pumpkin seeds, pickled heirloom beets & fresh goat cheese.










“Chickpea” Garbanzo Bean Salad ~$10~

Fresh garbanzo beans, tomato, avocado, mint, red & green onions & feta cheese tossed with

Amy’s Signature lemon garlic herbed sauce

Topped with herbed tahini






Orzo Pesto Pea Salad ~$10~

Orzo pasta, fresh basil pesto, parmesan with fresh sugar peas.











Orzo Mediterranean Salad ~$10~

Orzo pasta, feta, sundried tomatoes, olives, arugula, marinated roasted red peppers.













Bakery Fresh Sandwiches








Bread Selection:  Soft and chewy white ciabatta roll –OR- multigrain whole wheat bread.


100% gluten-free available - Substitute the bread with handheld crisp butter lettuce cups.

On Cibatta Bread


On  Wheat Bread

Walnut Chicken Salad ~$10~

Tender shredded chicken breast, walnuts, onion & herbed mayonnaise over tender butter lettuce

and micro Greens.

**please advise us if you have any nut allergies!


*Amy’s Signature ~ Curry Dried Cherry Chicken Salad ~$10~

Tender shredded chicken breast, dried cherries, golden raisins, shredded carrots, green onions,

slivered almonds, and cilantro mixed with a light curried yogurt sauce over tender butter lettuce.







Many of our new menu items are Gluten Free, extremely fresh, light and flavorful        



Albacore Tuna Salad ~$10~

Dolphin safe Albacore Tuna, herbed mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, green onions, boiled egg

served over tender crisp butter lettuce and micro greens.


 Turkey Cranberry $10~

Smoked  turkey breast~creamy Mascarpone cheese~Candied Cranberries~butter lettuce ~radish sprouts~apples




Prosciutto & Brie with Apple ~$10~

Thinly sliced prosciutto, triple cream brie, Amy’s homemade apple compote,

served over tender butter lettuce.



Hot Panini






Cheese Panini ~$8~

Hot pressed grilled cheese Panini with

Provolone & Munster cheese homemade mustard aioli

* Prosciutto ~$2~ extra





Spicy Salami with Peppers ~$10~

Provolone cheese, Sopressata (dry Cured Salami),sweet & spicy peppers, homemade garlic aioli

with homemade roasted vegetable tapenade and baby arugula


Ham & Cheese Panini ~$10~

Smoked Ham~Mustard Aioli~Pickled Onions with Melted Munster cheese




Our decadent & sinful
Together side by side my husband Samy and I have been working very hard & diligently to successfully create an exciting, flavorful Menu to offer our Customers a very special Concept as well as meeting the current Consumer Demand.
In addition to casual  dinning in we are also offering a easy Order To- Go option.
You will be able to order in advance and have your meal prepared freshly for you while you are on your way to pick it up!
Our new affordable  menu will offer fresh, flavorful meals that are an excellent alternative to large heavy dishes.
And  offer a healthy and delicious alternative to eating  "fast -food".
These dishes are very satisfying, fresh and will not leave you
    Weighed down and feeling heavy!
We will also be expanding our bakery to offer  several new  freshly baked pastry items........
  Muffins  ~Éclairs~ Scones~ Cinnamon Rolls~ Cookies~
               As well as our signature decadent desserts….
Made fresh daily
    We  sincerely welcome anyone to come in a give us a try, come in with an open heart and an empty stomach!











                To Tease.......
                Cake Peep Show Below....
                La Bête Noir~ The Black Beast
                This photo was generously provided to us from a happy customer
                Chocolate Carmel Nut Tart
                homemade toffee
                Vanilla Bean Cheesecake
                Custom Cupcakes
                Custom Birthday Cakes
                Chocolate Espresso Mousse
                Gluten free chocolate mousse with spicy pumpkin Crème Brule custard, and salted Caramel.
                White Russian White Chocolate Mousse
                Amy's Strawberry Pies










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