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The Holidays are the perfect time for  Baking up Magic...

Follow me on a baking adventure:



During the Holiday Season it is very important to have several of  your base dessert recipes on hand at all times, you never know who may"pop in" on you to help you spread the Holiday Cheer!

 I have created "Baking with Amy"  as a tool to help you to elevate your desserts and create very special culinary memories.While learning the basic steps and  just  how easy it is to keep a  clean, organized well stocked kitchen and pantry.I have included several  fun recipes that are so simple and easy to follow.But I must warn you, once you begin baking you will surely become addicted.....

There is something magical and heartwarming that happens while you are delivering handmade cakes to special family and friends. Nothing says I love you more then showing up at a friends house or office with a box of freshly baked handmade pastries and desserts.Fresh warm cinnamon rolls smothered with a thick lemony cream cheese frosting, or Crème Brûlée filled doughnuts.

Love is an added ingredient that helps to make all of your desserts taste better.



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Each dessert recipe is a Base recipe that you can morph into several different types of desserts

& every recipe has been painfully kitchen tested and customer approved.




Learn just how easy it is to create professional high end desserts for your next Holiday Celebration.

"Baking with Amy" is a wonderful holiday gift for any aspiring Pastry Chef.

I have included several secret techniques that I have learned through trial and error through the years working in the kitchen.

Did you know that the actual technique is equally as important as the list of ingredients you use?

For example:

By allowing your Crème brûlée  Base Recipe # 12 to chill overnight before baking in a water bath it helps to create an extra silky thick custard.



This crème brûlée recipe is perfect all on its own with fresh berries after being dusted with vanilla-bean sugar and then slightly torched with fire using a small handheld blowtorch to create a thin crisp shell of caramelized sugar.



It’s also perfect as a base recipe for frozen custard cream. Simply pour the chilled crème brûlée mixture into an ice-cream machine and churn until thickened.

You can Elevate this Base recipe  by spinning thin ribbons of Base #1: Caramel Sauce into the ice cream. Once the base begins to thicken into a thick cold silky frozen custard Add spoonfuls of Caramel Base # 1 into the frozen custard while still in the ice cream machine remove once the custard begins to thicken and place in the freezer overnight.

This ice cream is an excellent accompaniment to any dessert and is a great Base to keep in your freezer at all times.

You never know when it may come in handy.


This crème brûlée base may also be used as a filling for a cake or a delicious fruit tart.



For the latter, simply bake the custard in a large cake pan set in a pan of water just as you would small ramekins.

Like this:!9167&authkey=!AHy4Y72JgtyETA8&ithint=video%2cmp4


Once it has set, allow the crème brûlée to cool overnight in the refrigerator. Then take a spoon and fill a prepared tart shell with the cooled mixture. Place thinly sliced bananas on top of the tart, sprinkle with sugar, and burn slightly with a small blowtorch. You can do the same thing with fresh berries instead of bananas.










For the Holidays I like to create a very special desserts by placing the cooked and cooled crème brûlée custard into different sized antiqued spoons for each one of my guest to sample. Each one is then lightly dusted with flavored sugar and torched . 

This works great for any dessert buffet and is a beautiful way to end the meal served with crispy sugar wafers.

This is also a unique way to offer a sampling of different flavored  crème brûlée.

Once you perfect that base recipe you may begin the fun part of adding your own personal style to the desserts

Be creative and adventurous.

Have you ever tasted an exotic chocolate chili crème brûlée?

Toasted Coconut crème brûlée , Or caramel pumpkin with dried cranberries?

If you haven't what are you waiting for?





Bake on!

Happy Holidays!

                    xoxo amy




  • Wow this looks so good

    Samid Muhammad

  • Your desserts look stunning and delicious. Have you ever given any thought of doing a cooking show on YouTube? I think that would be a great. It can be just you and your kitchen doing what you love to do. I did see you on Kitchen Nightmares and your restaurant was gorgeous. It was a great deal to handle. It’s difficult when you are a perfectionist to delegate responsibilities to others in fear they will not produce on the same level as you would yourself. I am certain that when you are baking you’re in a different zone and you are happy. Should you create a cooking platform on YouTube I would tune in and subscribe. I am not sure but I think when you reach a certain number of subscribers and/or views the company compensates you. I think that seeing you on a different platform doing what you love will lead to more positive feedback. God did not put us here to be filled with stress, anger and unhappiness. I would love to see you at peace, stress free and happy! Be BLESSED?


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