Smash Cake Beluga Whale Cake Photo Shoot

What a fun day!

I love having the opportunity to work with different diverse clients this one took the cake!!


Happy Birthday Ella!


These adorable Beluga Whales are made by using homemade fondant and imagination.
























  • Freakin cute!!! Unbelivable!!! Can’t wait to see more of your work. Knowing you, it will be spectacular, as always Amy!

    Thank YOU and God Bless.

    ~ ♥♥♥ Suzy ♥♥♥ ~

    Suzy L. Henderson

  • This is so cute!!!!!!! I just love the pink whale. Though I do have a son I wish could find more boyish style cakes that doesn’t revolves around sports, racing, or Super hero. Do you think you can make a “manly” cake? I would love to see it if you every do.


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