Dessert Jar Collection

Amy's Sweet Magic

Dessert Jar Collection

These adorable Dessert jars are the perfect gift for someone special or for yourself!

Each cake is placed inside the jar providing a safe and effective vehicle for traveling and shipping.

(6) - 8.oz glass jars 

We are currently only shipping desserts in the state of California.

All orders require priority overnight shipping with a recipient available at the time of delivery.

Please contact us for any of your shipping questions or concerns.



Available  flavors:

Candied Beet Red Velvet

This outstanding cake is  moist with  a hint of cocoa,vanilla,and almond.

A moist tender cake that is colored naturally with sweet roasted Beets.Layered with thick layers of smooth and creamy citrus non dairy cream cheese frosting and ultra thinly sliced candied beets. This Red Velvet Cake has been elevated to another level.



Red Velvet

Chocolate Caramel Crunch

Multiple layers of decadent Belgium chocolate is packed inside this jar.

Chocolate flour less truffle cake, salted caramel, crispy rice sweetened crunch, moist chocolate sponge cake, chocolate frosting.

Chocolate Carmel Crunch


Lemon Yogurt

Light and fluffy lemon vanilla sponge cake soaked in a lemonade simple syrup, layered with lemon curd and a tangy thick nondairy yogurt frosting flavored with almond and vanilla.

Lemon Yogurt






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